– Real fruit ice cream, sorbet & frozen yogurt, perfect for a hot summer’s day

– Loaded Milkshakes and Thickshakes

– Smoothies using fresh ingredients and blended to order

– The friendly staff. There to help you choose the best combination of Confetti



Sure, ice cream is fun and all – chocolate, vanilla, maybe even caramel, but have you ever tried making your OWN flavour? At Confetti you can mix any frozen fruit of your choice with any of their mixable flavours! Lemon blueberry, Vanilla Raspberry, these are just two of the flavours from the world of choices you can make yourself! Whatever you’re craving, they can do it, so what are you waiting for? 

Open daily,  with an array of flavours available in-store, choosing is just half the fun. Top your favourites with a wide selection of Confetti! Enjoy a traditional Italian style coffee while you indulge in a little taste of la dolce vita. Your Treat, Your Way.

Confetti offers homemade gelato, healthy smoothies, traditional Italian coffee and more! They’re passionate about providing a range of vegan-friendly, dairy-friendly and nut-allergy friendly options to suit all.

They are equally obsessed with the quality of the gelato and with the origin of the ingredients. At Confetti they are driven by the creative process, from inventing new exciting seasonal flavours, the perfect summer playlist, to designing a cool and classic space where our customers can come enjoy a scoop or two.


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