– All the trainers are professional, motivated and have their client’s best interests top of mind

– Personalized service. A workout tailored specifically for your needs

– Mark and Rebecca keep you motivated and always push for that extra notch while having fun.

– You will find muscles you never knew existed and be able to do more than you thought you could.


The difference is in the details. Their commitment is the focus is on you, your needs, your dreams and your reality. Basecamp Fitness have an entire team of talented coaches guiding you on your journey and sharing the experience with you.  There are many like-minded people to support you and to share your ultimate fitness quest. Their gym environment is a non-intimidating and energetic atmosphere which makes their studio a truly inspiring space. It will leave you craving more. The facilities are definitively high end, polished, and modern.

The variety of functional training equipment that they have the means of creativity and the possibilities are endless. Their consistently varied training sessions will take you beyond the boundaries of what you think is possible.

Basecamp Fitness are everything a boutique personal training studio should be.